Sunday, February 28, 2010

I've spent all of my free time over the last week getting my two handmade community stores up and running. I hope that you'll go visit them and see what I put out there!

Next project coming up - a facebook page. Plus I have one more website to work on, my main site at, but those projects will have to wait until later this week. I am putting mostly Friendly Plastic things on my handmade sites, since those are unusual and less expensive than my regular, beaded jewelry. I'll put that on my main site.

After the stores are all up and running, I have some fiber bracelets I want to work on. I think you'll like them, they are really different. I'll post photos of them as they progress. Gonna try to figure out how to mix the fiber and Friendly Plastic and beads - should be fun!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Yes, I am finally back to my blog! Bet you thought that I'd never come back, huh?

Not sure where it has come from, but I am back making jewelry with a vengeance and enjoying every second of it. I'm making some major changes in my life right now, so maybe that has something to do with it. Whatever the reason, I am back to my jewelry and letting my creativity run rampant.

Want to see some new designs? Head over to my artfire account and see all the new pieces that I've posted for sale. Here's a sneak peak...

This is a Friendly Plastic cuff, made using alcohol inks and antique brass pieces. I adore the art deco feel of this piece, the dragonfly is amazing! This is one of my favorite cuffs so far. I'm gonna hate to part with it but someone needs to give this one a home and love it as much as I do.

Been trying some different finishing techniques with the cuff. I love Jana Ewy's hint on using the resin while the piece is still flat (see her article in the latest Belle Armoire Jewelry issue) - it works great with the ID bracelet pieces. I keep getting the resin too thick on the cuffs (because I love the look of the thick resin) but it makes it hard to get a good smooth bend. And the thicker the resin, the stiffer the bracelet ends up and its hard to get on and off. I need to find a happy medium in there! Next batch I will try the flat resin technique again but not make the resin quite so thick!

Want to see my ID bracelets too? Here's a sneak peek at one..

Jana, thanks so much for the idea on these! I love them and everyone that I've showed them to loves them too! I 'assembly line' the work so it seems to take forever to make them, but once the process is done I have more than a dozen ready to go at once.
I promise I will be back here more that I am excited about jewelry again. I have a few more pieces to upload to Artfire and then I'm be putting some up on Etsy as well, but I haven't finished creating my store there yet - but soon!