Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time to get to work

Hey ya'll.

Got some fun stuff in the mail yesterday. Double drilled bamboo tiles. Hmm... What can I do with those? The small ones came in fun colors - green, blonde, black, mahogany, tan. Got some extra large ones in blonde and black. I know what I'm doing with some of those - art tiles! Maybe a couple tiles done with a certain famous blonde actress... My daughter will love those!

You know what's funny though? I was at Ross yesterday morning, poking around in the housewares section, and found these placemats, made of little double drilled wooden pieces. Hmm, these look like they are just about the same size as the ones I ordered online. At just $2.50 each, I snatch up two of them. Get home and find my package waiting for me....and the tiles are identical! I paid $5 for 24 tiles online, paid $2.50 to get 81 in the placemat. They are a dark wood, but I'm sure I will be able to figure something to do with them!

Don't you just love finding stuff in unsual places? My husband laughs at me when I look at stuff at the hardware store. I'll have pics soon of the new design for a tube bracelet, made with stuff from Home Depot! Gotta think outside the box if you want to do stuff that is unique!

Off to play in the studio, tired of cleaning the kithen. Not that I was working very hard, mind you. LOL I'd much rather be playing!

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  1. What fun! I want to see pictures of what you create with those tiles!