Friday, August 7, 2009

More show application photos

As promised, a couple more photos. This has been a productive afternoon for me!

These are the Kumihimo necklaces, showing three different textures in the braiding. The orange one is smooth, made only from chenile yarn. It has a fire agate pendant. The green one is medium texture, it too is only one fiber that had a short eyelash to it. The pendant was hand painted in Russia. The brown one has several different fibers, including a yarn with a very long eyelash, giving it that extra hairiness. The pendant is a llanite heart. They actually are pretty soft and very light weight.

These are silk fusion pieces. Silk fusion - how to explain? LOL You take hand dyed silk fibers, like you use to spin for yarn, and fuse them together into something that is between a paper and a fiber. This is fusion that is dried flat (you can also mold it into 3-D pieces). I use it as the base for the composite - on top of the fusion is a stitched layer of fiber (left over pieces from the kumihimo, nothing goes to waste). One bracelet has a wire frame with wire wrapped beads and the other one is just the fabric with a toggle clasp. The pendant has tiny beads hand sewn on, its backed with velvet and strung on a wire necklace.

That's probably all I'm going to get done today. Still need one more photo of my 'plain' strung jewelry. It will take me a while to figure out which pieces to use. Look for it on Sunday - I have to work tomorrow so won't have time to play again until then.

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