Friday, September 25, 2009

Well, I've neglected my blog ever since I created it. I've had some health issues to deal with, so sorry I haven't been around much. But I am dealing with it and will be around more in the future.

Today - made some friendly plastic splash pieces. Am finally starting to get the hang of it and am liking this technique alot. Used some odd sticks that I got off ebay to play with, glow in the dark sticks no less! LOL But once inked can't really see any difference than in using the white sticks.

Also played with the new liver of sulfer patina gel from Cool Tools. Never tried liver of sulfer before - man, it smells bad! LOL Got mixed results from it. The copper looked great, I want to play with that some more. The raw brass - maybe I was expecting too much but I didn't get much of a color change - just a darkening of the brassy color. I tried a couple of sterling pieces, nice finish there, and a couple of nickel silver beads darkened nicely too.

I'll post some photos this weekend of my results. Don't have time to play with the camera today. Still have more jewelry to make this afternoon, got a show coming up quickly!

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